About Unitstaal

​Svend-Erik Sørensen and Knud Hansen established Unitstaal in Aarhus in 1999. From the start, the business idea was installation and service on industrial process equipment.

In year 2002, Unitstaal acquired a service company situated in the northern Jutland, which performs installation, repair and service locally.

Today Unitstaal are an engineering company, projecting and delivering turnkey process solutions to end customers as well as OEM customers especially within the food industry and within the general processing industry.

​We are delivering standard or fully customized process solutions systems from individual units to complex manufacturing plants.

At Unitstaal 30 competent and highly skilled employees are working. Through continues training and education Unitstaal can secure that you will meet employees having the relevant and the latest knowledge within their working area.

Our mission as a partner is to make profit for our customers - at our customers


Skaeringvej 134

DK-8520 Lystrup

Contact us

Phone:+45 87 38 20 80

E-mail: info@unitstaal.dk