​Uses of the CIP Unit.

Our CIP Unit are fully automatic cleaning modules, designed for top hygienic cleaning of production equipment in industries for dairy, juice, soft drinks, brewing and other kinds of food industries as well as non-food and pharma industries producing liquid products.

The modules are designed for cleaning of tanks, valve matrix's and piping, plate and tube heat exchangers, bottling machines and similar sanitary production equipment.

Principle of operation.
The Clean In Place unit cleans by circulating water and diluted cleaning agent over the object to be cleaned. The heating of the cleaning agent takes place in-line via a heat tube exchanger during circulation through the CIP unit. Flow velocity, flow temperature and circulation are controlled by preset set points for each cleaning circuit.

Two or three individual modules can be linked together or built on the same frame with a common operating system and if wanted supplied from the same tank containing caustic soda, acid or recycled water.

Each CIP Unit can be placed at a distance of the caustic soda and acid tanks and close to the items to be cleaned by the CIP Unit. This saves cleaning time and energy for transport and heating of cleaning solutions.

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