Balance tanks

With conical or flat bottom

The tanks are made of 2 mm stainless steel plate AISI 316. They have a 15 ° conical bottom with a center located outlet. The outlet is welded to the product outlet tube. A vortex damper is located inside the outlet. The top ends with an outwardly bent collar level of 10 mm, equipped with 3 vent ridges.

The tanks are supported by three tubular legs ø51 mm, with nylon toes or adjustable stainless steel toes. The legs are spaced at 120 ° intervals. Tanks can be delivered in mobile versions.

The tanks are available in two versions: either as open tank with removable lid equipped with an external handle and internal hook to hang the lid on the edge of the tank or as closed tank with conical top and manhole. Closed tanks can be CIP'ped. 

Standard dimensions:                                                                                                           Ask for a quote

Tank size: 150 L

Total height 1075​ mm

Inside diameter 560​ mm

Outer diameter 590 mm​

Discharge diameter 76.0​ mm

Height of center outlet 362 mm

Tank size: 300 L

Total height 1100​ mm

Inside diameter 790​ mm

Outer diameter 820 mm​

Discharge diameter 101,6​ mm

Height of center outlet 362 mm

Tank size: 500 L

Total height 1260 mm

Inside diameter 930 mm

Outer diameter 960 mm​

Discharge diameter 101.6 mm

Height of center outlet 362 mm


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