Dairies, breweries, juice and soft drink industry and other food industry

Capacity: 50 to 40.000 l/h
Available as plug-and-run unit, i.e. it is built on a stainless steel base frame / skid.

The unit comes with balance tank, pumps, valves and heating system.

The heat plate exchanger is provided with regenerative sections with up to 95 % regenerative effect. Various sections for cooling water, ice water, cooling tower water, etc. are also available on demand.

The Pasteurisation unit is supplied with the necessary instruments, wired, with control panel containing MCC, frequency converters and a control system based on Siemens PLC or per customer request, as well as with relevant documentation.

The Pasteurisation unit is delivered function tested with water.

For minor volumes and batch processes we offer our standard tanks with heating / cooling jackets.

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