​Hygienic industry and food industry.

Intended use:

Hygienic storage and temperature treatment of milk and other liquid foods etc.

​Mini processing unit used for teaching, research, product development, testing and trial use.

From 30 to 300 liter.

The tank is manufactured as:

- Single jacketed tank
- Double jacketed tank with 50 mm insulation
- Double jacketed tank with cooling/heating jacket and 50 mm insulation

Unit construction:

The tanks can be delivered as single tanks but optimally they can be grouped 2-10 tanks on a single stainless steel base frame and placed at working height.

Operation and control:

The unit is equipped with an operation and control panel with associated IO devices, motor starters and frequency converters. The control system is based on Siemens software and operated via a WinCC Flexible touch panel. The control system controls the flow and the individual temperatures automatically according to manually entered set points.

It is possible to combine the control system for the processing unit with other devices in the experimental / educational facility.

Test and trials:

The processing unit is supplied function tested and tested with water

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