Process and mixing tanks customised for your specific application

​For hygienic temperature treatment and mixing/blending of liquids for food etc. And can be used for fermentation and storage of products.

Exact dosage and dissolution of components are the best way to secure a consistent quality of your final product. We work together with you and your suppliers. This way, you are secured optimized handling of raw materials and a constant quality level.

We offer: 

  • Batch mixture and continuous mixing plants.
  • Dosing according to weight, volume or mass flow.
  • Systems for dissolving solids into your liquids, ex. dissolving pectin or cocoa.

We have experience with the fermenting process for products like cultured milk, cheese and yogurt. Moreover, we have experience with the processing of jams, spreads, fillings, chocolate, sugar and honey.

Picture is showing 3 x 2000 l process tanks with agitators used for fermentation and as buffer before pumping the product to pasteuriser. The 300 l balance tank functions as buffer before the filling line. Furthermore the picture shows plate heat exchanger, various pumps and valve matrix.

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