Holding cell​


Capacity: 50 – 50.000 l/h.

Holding time: 30 sec. – 30 min.

Pipe dimensions: ø12 – ø76 mm.

Surfaces in contact with product: AISI 316L

The holding at pasteurisation temperature takes place in a tubular system designed for the purpose:

With tubes giving sufficient time at requested temperature.

The holding cell is a tank with an inside tubular spiral of a given length in which the products moves matching the holding time needed. The tank are

insulated with 50 mm mineral wool and covered by a stainless steel outer shell with a cone type top. 

Inlet and outlet connections are located horisontally under the base plate and can match your specific wishes .

The tank can be constructed in sections. By means of a flow plate located at the bottom of the tank, the cells can be combined so that different holding time are achieved in the same holding tank.

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